What sets Syrox apart, in addition to its complete and compact system, is its extensive and impressive colour competency. As a brand of Axalta Coating Systems, Syrox is backed by 150 years of coatings experience and that includes fast and accurate colour matching technology.

 The range of colour tools Syrox users have at their disposal is designed to help them match the colour first time. And they have fast, online access to the latest colour formulas via Colour Search, which has a database of more than 70,000 colour formulas.


Colour Search is the powerful and comprehensive cloud-based colour retrieval software from Syrox. It is only accessible behind a password, and it has a very user-friendly interface. Colour Search can be used on PCs, tablets and smartphones.  And it’s cloud-based, so you can share formulas with users from other sites, and access their formulas, no matter where they are. Updates are regular and immediate, once online, so formulas stay up to date.


The Acquire Standard spectrophotometer is the most advanced Syrox colour tool. It is an easy-to-use digital spectrophotometer that comes with a no-nonsense instruction manual, a calibration set and a dedicated cable for connecting to the Syrox Colour Search software. Its simple plug-and-play set-up makes easy work of colour retrieval. And with access to a comprehensive global colour database, Acquire Standard turns its accurate colour readings into the best, most accurate colour match.


From putties to clears the new A1 Syrox System Poster provides all the information you will need to know on how to use the new range efficiently and easily.



Syrox’s Effect Navigator helps refinishers using the Acquire Standard spectrophotometer to identify the right aluminium flake sizes within a particular effect colour. It consists of 25 colour chips with five separate lightness levels, each of which has five effect levels, allowing refinishers to choose the best matching colour formula easily. 


The Syrox Shading Tool is a poster that’s an invaluable reference in the bodyshop. At a glance, Syrox users can see on the clearly designed and laid-out table the effect when adding or removing a tint. And thanks to the multi-coloured striped swatch that comes with the poster, all the information users need is at their fingertips.